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Anet XML Search Engine is a tool for developers, who want to enrich their applications with the feature of full text retrieval in very large volumes of text files and database records. The significant speed of searching is based on the operations with preliminary created index files. Index file contains all words and their positions in the source files (pages). The addresses (path, URL, etc) of the source files are also stored in the index file. ASE contains a built-in plain text, XML and HTML parser, therefore the source texts can be plain, XML or HTML formatted. A programmer can also use an external parser to search in files of other formats.

Anet Search Engine provides the following types of searching:

It is also featured with:

ASE is built as a set of DLLs and can be used in Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder and other compatible languages.

Manufacturer is encouraging anyone to ask for new custom features and interested in building partner relations in building and promoting full text retrieval systems based on Anet Search Engine.

Anet Search Engine is a royalty free product and it is available directly from Anet and our distributors (http:/ and )

You can also use some functions of Search32 utility. Starting from version 4.0 this program also has it's own API and you are able to interact with this program from your applications. Read more about this opportunity.