Welcome to Language Support for Search32
The fastest text retrieval utility for Windows 95/NT

We are often asked about multilanguage support. Sometimes we receive very exotic requests ("I want to search only for How24Unix). More often people want one or two European languages.

That is why starting from version 2.03 Search32 operates with language files (lng extension). You may download some of the language files from our server. After copying them into the same directory as Search32.exe they will become available for creating new indexes.

We have also changed a structure of index files. Now every index file carries information about its language and any Search32 can work with this index file.

But the biggest surprise is for people who want to create exotic languages. Now they can do it themselves, without asking Anet for multilanguage support. We developed a "Language Maker" for Search32 - special utility that allows any user to create a language file.

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